Canopy DEMO Application

Canopy DEMO Application
 Aerodyne has a full selection of canopies available for trial in our most popular sizes and fabrics for you to test before you buy.

Please contact our Demo Coordinators in the US or Europe (contact info below) to confirm your choice and availability of demo canopies selection before ordering.

We charge a small fee which covers shipping & handling, canopy inspection upon return, and administrative processing:
  • US and Europe – Ground Shipping: $95.00 
  • US – 2-day Shipping: $125.00 (including Alaska and Hawaii)
  • US – Overnight Shipping: $160.00 (including Alaska and Hawaii)
  • Canada – Ground Shipping: $220.00
  • Shipments of A2 Tandem canopies require an additional $30.00 in fees.

You may use our product for two weekends, after which we ask that you ship it back using the provided return shipping label.

Our demo canopies, with the exception of A2 Tandem canopies, come on standard risers and have a main deployment bag and pilotchute attached, so connecting the canopy to your container is very simple. Extra charges will be applied if our equipment is returned past the return date, or if any of the equipment is missing upon return.

To request your demo, simply complete the order here.
Remember to put in the
  • Type and size of canopy
  • Requested date
and any other information that is important for us to know about in the Order Notes section upon checkout. 

NOTE! Please select Demo Systems Aerodyne as the dealer upon checkout.

You will get a confirmation email from our demo system, and then receive your canopy shortly.

Be safe, have fun, and we look forward to hearing your comments!

Contact information:
US:  +1 813-891-6300 - mail:
Europe:  +31 63 8113953 - mail:

Thank you for choosing Aerodyne for your next demo canopy.
For delivery date please check the order confirmation.
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